Обо мне

Здравствуй! Меня зовут Beichen!

I am the creator of the Little Map House, plus, a map/ visualization nerd, and an Asian foodie.

I create each map with a unique personality to display their messages and information.

I have previous working experiences as a postgraduate researcher at the Department of Geography in Penn State, and at the Gibbs Land Use and Environment Lab under the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. I have been continuously inspired by all the amazing humans I worked with. I currrently hold a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning with a certificate in GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am interested in studying and utilizing knowledge in fields of data science, human-computer interaction, visual storytelling, etc. to make insights in spatial phenomena more discernible and intelligible.

During my spare time, I am also a freelance cartographer.