Facing The Year 2016 Presidential Election

Type: Chernoff Face / Cartogram Map

This is the final project that I completed for one of my advanced cartography classes.

Different from the convention of Chernoff face mapping, which uses a general face of nobody, this map used the faces of the final two presidential candidates, whose different facial expressions symbolized different (state-based) election situations.

It is expected that the map can be perceived as a graphical therapy to help some people recover from depression and sadness caused by the election result.

* This map has won two awards by far:
        • Runner-Up for The Most Unique Map in 2017 WLIA Map and Poster Competition, granted by Wisconsin Land Information Association.
        • Honorable Mention for Barbara Bartz Petchenik Memorial Award in Cartographic Design, UW-Madison

Tools Used: ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator CC