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Their Histories, Our Histories

Their Histories, Our Histories June 2020

To me, other species' evolution paths can be thought of as a mirror for reflecting how humans have been balancing their own interests and other creatures' well-being. Through such reflection, we may find the clues to better evolve ourselves.

Landscape of Conflicts

Landscape of Conflicts March 2019

Initially sparked from an idea for analyzing Syria crisis and its connections with geopolitics of energy in my "Energy Geography" class. Now this has been turned into an interesting story map for calling broader awareness.

Digital Footprints of Refugees

Digital Footprints of Refugees January 2019

A geovisualization for Syrian refugees' spatial-temporal activity spaces and levels of social integration with Turkish locals. Patterns were generated based on location and time sequence of phone calls initiated by recorded refugee individuals and based on their percentages of calls to Turkish natives over their total calls.

Refugee Caller Diversity

Refugee Caller Diversity November 2018

Where were the places refugee callers concentrated? Would such concentration of refugee caller population provide indications on defining Turkish cities' friendliness toward refugees?

Refugees' Callings

Refugees' Callings October 2018

This was a "knock knock" as the startup of my research. Digging and Mining through millions of phone calls records between refugees and local residents in a hosting country might not be fun, yet, harvests of some geographic insights paid off the efforts.

Refugee Research: First Look

Refugee Research: First Look August 2018

This was my initial serious "dig through" for my research on Syrian refugees for finding their spatial clusters of migration and settlement at country level.

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